Some days are special. Others need all the help that they can get. For many people, sipping sparkling water is a small way to add a little pizzazz to their day. After all, the experts are always harping on the necessity of drinking water, and sparkling water fulfills that requirement while also providing a little extra effervescence. However, people sometimes worry that the fizz factor might endanger their enamel.  The question we get asked a lot is sparkling water bad for your teeth?

Just Add Carbonation
Sparkling water is simply regular water that has been infused with carbon dioxide. This carbonation generates the delightful fizz that makes sparkling water appealing. Carbonation does the same thing in sodas. Of course, drinking soda isn’t good for your body, but it’s not the carbonation that causes trouble. In fact, people trying to kick a soda habit are often advised to switch to sparkling water so that they can get the fizz they crave without the unhealthy ingredients that make soda so problematic.

Is Sparkling Water Healthy?
At its most basic, sparkling water is just water and carbon dioxide. As long as you skip bottled formations that mix in extra sugars, acids or other additives, it’s just as hydrating and healthy as regular water. However, sparkling water is slightly more acidic than its noncarbonated peers which raises the question.

Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?

Sparkling Water and Teeth
When you take a sip of sparkling water, the carbon dioxide breaks down inside your mouth to form carbonic acid. It’s this transition that makes carbonated water a bit more acidic than standard water. Since acids are notoriously bad for the enamel that forms the hard outer layer of teeth, it is only natural to wonder if sparkling water and other carbonated water poses a risk to dental health. Fortunately, there is no need to wonder or to worry. Researchers studying carbonated water found that the impact of sparkling water on teeth was unchanged by its level of carbonation. This means that you can sip sparkling water without worrying about damaging your smile.

Choosing Your Water Wisely
While sparkling water is not inherently bad for your teeth, you’ll still want to make it a point to choose your water wisely. When selecting a sparkling water, watch out for brands that add things like sugar, sodium or citric acid to the bottle. Although the carbonated water alone might be safe for your teeth, these additives can increase the risk of tooth decay.  If you can avoid these other ingredients, you’ll be better off.

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