When something happens, we tend to think we are okay and can wait for medical attention.  However, there are those times, when a dental emergency requires immediate attention.  Understanding the symptoms of common dental emergencies can help you determine if you need to see a dentist right away.  Here are a few situations which require an emergency dentist; even if it’s on the weekend or over a holiday.

A Knocked Out Tooth
If your face has an unfortunate meeting with a soccer ball or coffee table, you might lose a tooth along with your dignity. You might not be able to salvage your pride, but there is still hope of recovering the tooth if you seek prompt dental care. Call your dentist immediately; if you act within an hour, there is a good chance of saving the tooth. You can also take several steps to increase your tooth’s chances, starting with cleaning it gently and putting it back in your mouth. If you can’t place your tooth back into the socket, keep it in your cheek to prevent the tooth from drying out completely.

Tooth Fractures
Sometimes our food has hidden treasures. If you are eating your lunch and suddenly notice a sharp pain as you bite down, it’s possible that a tooth has fractured. In severe cases, the fracture can go through the entire tooth, preventing the dentist from saving it. Severe fractures often require root canals for a full recovery. Contact your emergency dentist right away to get help with the pain. While you wait, try taking pain medication.

A Broken Jaw
Severe facial pain that begins after an injury, such as one sustained in a car crash or while playing sports, is a likely harbinger of a broken jaw. Other symptoms of a jaw injury can include misaligned teeth, bleeding in the mouth and facial numbness. An emergency dentist can evaluate your symptoms and determine if you need to see an oral surgeon or a doctor. If you suspect you have a broken jaw, don’t delay. Severe cases may make it difficult to breathe.

Crown Falling Out
Dental crowns do not last forever; sometimes they can come loose while you’re in the middle of a meal. If the crown falls out, you may begin to experience intense sensitivity to biting and temperature changes. This can make eating uncomfortable and even painful. If left without treatment, the bite in your mouth can change as your teeth start to shift. Call your dentist for an emergency appointment to get the crown back into place. Be sure to put the crown in a safe place and bring it with you in case the dentist can use it again.

Dental emergencies can be painful and scary. Getting in to see an emergency dentist quickly can alleviate your pain to help you resume your normal activities. Wekiva Dental offers quality dental services, including urgent dental care. Dr. Offenback understands injuries don’t only happen during business hours. Wekiva Dental does offer emergency dental services.  Just call our office at 407-869-7333 and someone will contact you immediately.  If you’re not sure if your situation needs immediate help, call us today. When it comes to dental emergencies, it’s better to be safe than sorry.