When is a toothache a reason to call the dentist? If you’re concerned that there’s a dental reason for your tooth pain, then you’ll probably want to schedule a visit to your dentist’s office. However, sometimes pain that’s felt in your teeth and jaw starts elsewhere. Feeling sinus pain in teeth is a common occurrence. How do you decide whether it’s your sinuses or your teeth to blame?

Is it Sinus Pain or a Toothache?

Understanding Sinusitus

Your sinuses are air-filled passages near the facial bones. Normally, they moisten, warm, and filter the air in your nasal cavity. Unfortunately, problems can occur from time to time. Sinusitis, or sinus inflammation, and sinus infections can cause congestion, sinus pressure, and pain. In some cases, that discomfort translates into unbearable sinus tooth pain. When it does, it typically causes a dull ache that affects multiple teeth. The teeth most likely to be impacted are the upper molars because they’re closest to the sinuses. However, the lower molars will sometimes feel the pain.

When sinus pressure is the culprit behind painful teeth, you may also notice other symptoms of sinusitis. These are comparable to cold or allergy symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Foul breath
  • Thick, discolored mucus
  • Facial tenderness or pressure
  • Ear pain or fullness

Exploring Tooth Pain

When it comes to the common causes of a toothache, the list is surprisingly lengthy. Decay, trauma, grinding, infection, and gum disease are just a few of the potential dental dilemmas that can trigger aching teeth. When the pain is sharp, throbbing, or localized to a specific tooth, it’s probably a safe bet that it’s the result of a dental issue. In a similar fashion, if you know that the tooth has suffered a trauma or believe that you can spot evidence of decay, it’s likely that a dental problem is the cause of your pain.

Connecting Sinus Pain and Dental Dilemmas

Proximity allows the pain from a sinus infection to be felt as a constant ache in the teeth. If an infected tooth is ignored, there’s a chance that the infection may spread to nearby tissues. In fact, experts say that nearly 40% of chronic sinus infections begin as dental infections. That means neglecting your oral health can put your overall health at risk.

Deciding When to See the Dentist About Toothache Pain

When should you reach out to your dentist about a toothache? It’s best to contact your dentist’s office and request an appointment if you have a minor ache that worsens or continues to hurt despite a few days of home treatment. If the toothache is progressively getting worse, contact the office immediately. We do have emergency appointment slots available. Fever, earache, or pain when you open wide are all signs that you need immediate care.

Toothaches can be a serious red flag. If you’re struggling with a toothache or worried about your dental health, don’t delay. Contact Wekiva Dental today to discuss your oral health concerns and schedule an appointment.