E-Max Crowns

Why are e-Max crowns such a popular pick among dentist and patients? When patients need restorative dental treatments to fix their smiles, there are several types of crowns to choose from. e-Max crowns stands out from the pack thanks to its superior ability to deliver both practical performance and aesthetic appeal. E-Max is arguably the premier material to be used for the combined strength, beauty and aesthetics of any tooth.

e-max crownsThe Purpose of E-Max Crowns

A dental crown is a protective cover that is permanently cemented into place over the entire visible portion of a tooth. Sometimes referred to as a cap, it shields a damaged tooth while restoring both its appearance and functionality. That makes it an excellent solution in the following situations:

  • A fractured or broken tooth
  • A tooth requires extensive filling
  • A tooth has been subjected to a root canal
  • A tooth is badly discolored or stained
  • A tooth is worn, misshaped or chipped
  • A cover is needed for a dental implant
  • A base is needed to hold a bridge in place

When it comes to selecting a crown, patients have a few options from which to choose. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, or PFM crowns, cover a metal base with a porcelain/opaquer coating which provides a semi-natural look. However, an unsightly metal rim may still be visible at the gum line, and some patients react poorly to the metal alloy. These days, patients may opt for porcelain crowns crafted entirely from porcelain or ceramic eliminate these worries. Plus, they deliver suitable strength and a more authentic look. As a result, an all-ceramic crown like a zirconia, CEREC  or e-Max crown tends to be the preferred restorative treatment.

The e-Max Advantage

When deciding what type of crown to use, factors like the functional demands of chewing that will be placed upon the crown, cost, comfort, durability and appearance need to be weighed carefully. After all, aesthetics are likely to be a greater concern when dealing with the front teeth. Likewise, strength is a priority when the crown covers a chewing surface. Why are dentists and patients opting for e-Max crowns? While they are slightly more expensive than some other types of crowns, they deliver significant advantages.

Like a zirconia crown, an e-Max crown is lighter and thinner than earlier versions of ceramic crowns. Their lack of bulk means that crowns fit more comfortably. Plus, the dentist doesn’t need to do as much drilling to make room for the crown. This reduces the time and discomfort involved in any prep work and allows the patient to retain more of their natural tooth.

A CEREC crown offers a welcome mix of convenience and strength and cosmetics. The same is true of an e-Max crown. Both options can be custom-fitted with a digital impression, eliminating the need for messy and sometimes gagging molds. Plus, both are milled from a single block of material, a method of manufacture that is linked with improved durability.

What sets an e-Max crown apart from its ceramic peers? Both zirconia and the ceramic material used in CEREC restoration can be color-matched to resemble the hue of the patient’s teeth. However, the materials are opaque. This can make crowns fabricated from these materials look dull or stocky next to natural teeth. In contrast, an e-Max crown is made from lithium desilicated ceramic. Durable and somewhat translucent, this material forms a ceramic crown that is fully functional and capable of blending in beautifully with natural teeth.

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