Since the 1500s, a dental filling has been used to restore troubled teeth. It’s a time-tested and simple treatment strategy. After removing any decay, the dentist uses a little body-friendly material like resin, gold or porcelain ceramic to plug a weak spot or hole. This restores the tooth’s integrity and seals out decay. Here are the top signs to know it’s time for a dental filling.

Only a dentist can truly tell if a tooth filling is needed. However, there are signs that anyone can note that suggests that it’s time to pay a visit to the dentist. Common indications that a dental filling may be needed include the following:

  • Discomfort or sensitivity. If you experience a dull toothache or a sharp pain, there may be a problem with your teeth. Likewise, a new sensitivity to temperature changes can be a red flag for thinning enamel or a developing dental cavity.
  • Pain with pressure. When biting down or chewing triggers pain, it often indicates that the tooth is damaged.
  • Discolorations or holes. A dark spot on a tooth’s surface or a hole or pit can be a visible sign that a cavity is forming.
  • A place on a tooth that is rough or sharp. Does a spot on your tooth continually snag the floss or your food? Does it feel rough or sharp to your tongue? It may be the site of a cavity, chip or some other damage that should be pointed out to your dentist.
  • A broken or lost filling. Fillings are fairly durable, but they don’t last forever. If an existing filling starts to break or falls out, you should see your dentist about getting it replaced.

The Power of Prevention
Dental fillings offer a quick, simple fix for many common problems with your teeth. Unfortunately, when the need for a dental filling is neglected, the situation could often worsen. In fact, a delay in seeing your dentist could allow the problem to intensify until a more extensive repair like a root canal or crown is required. That’s why dentists encourage routine dental cleaning. With regular preventative dental exams, dentists can catch potential problems early. In some cases, their meticulous examination may identify the need for a dental filling before the patient even experiences any problems. Catching the problem early can protect your smile and your oral health. It can also save you time, discomfort and cash.

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