Folk wisdom insists that laughter is good medicine. That seems to bode well for nitrous oxide dentistry, doesn’t it? After all, nitrous oxide is often called laughing gas thanks to its tendency to invoke fits of giggles and feelings of exhilaration. Does this form of sedation live up to the hype? How does nitrous oxide compare to intravenous sedation? When looking for the best type of pain-free dentistry options, let’s see which offers the best choice for patients?

More Than a Laugh
In the early 1800s, laughing gas parties were a common form of entertainment, but intrepid scientists suspected that this gas might be good for more than a laugh. In 1844, Dr. Horace Wells used the gas to pave the way for the pain-free extraction of a molar. Nitrous oxide dentistry was born, and it’s been soothing patient anxiety and preventing pain ever since.

Nitrous Oxide Dentistry Versus Sedation Dentistry
How does nitrous oxide compare to IV sedation for dental procedures? Patients treated with nitrous oxide breathe in the gas through their noses. The gas works by displacing air in the lungs, temporarily decreasing the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. This mild oxygen deprivation soothes rattled nerves and blocks pain. In some cases, it can even trigger a sense of euphoria and bouts of the giggles. While noticeably relaxed, patients remain conscious and aware, and the drug’s effects begin to fade as soon as the mask delivering it is removed. In fact, most patients only need about two minutes to shake off the drug’s effects once they are no longer breathing it in.

IV sedation is a bit more involved and more expensive than nitrox oxide dentistry. Needles are used to deliver the medication, which provides heavier sedation. Patients are less aware of their surroundings while under, and they take longer to shake off the medication’s effects after the procedure.

Which Type of Dental Sedation Is Best?
As with any medication, the best choice is the one that best suits your unique needs, so it’s best to consult with your dentist. In many cases, dentists and patients prefer to use nitrous oxide for general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. This gas is a quick, easy and affordable way to soothe rattled nerves, prevent pain and improve comfort during routine cleanings, fillings and even root canals and extractions. It’s a great choice for patients who struggle with anxiety when visiting the dentist or who are nervous about needles. What about IV sedation? This method is often reserved for lengthy or demanding procedures like oral surgeries.

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