Your time is important. If you’re like many of our patients, your schedule is full and you’re busy at home and at work. Still you need to take the best care of your health – and that includes your dental health. This is exactly why our caring team at Wekiva Dental will provide you with CEREC Crowns, the best-quality dental crowns in the shortest time possible.

How do we do that? Through use of innovative dental technology called, CEREC.  No longer will you have to wait, while in discomfort, for your new crown. And you won’t have to  come to the office for multiple visits. Now it can all be taken care of in one single appointment, making it the perfect solution when you’re in need of a dental crown.

What Is One-Visit CEREC Crown?

CEREC CrownsA dental crown is a durable covering that is custom-made to fit over the entire tooth from the gum line up. CEREC Crowns simply explained, are advanced digital dentistry allowing crowns to be milled and restored in one single day so you may have a white ceramic crown, onlay or veneer placed in just a single dental visit. CEREC replaces the traditional dental crown when a tooth has been structurally damaged by decay or trauma. This damaged tooth (or teeth) will need to be crowned or “capped” so it not only looks good when you smile, but more importantly, the tooth can function properly again.

Traditional crown fabrication takes place in a dental laboratory. But there’s a much more convenient and superior alternative: CEREC Crowns are made in our dental office on the same day. CEREC is the most advanced (and precise) way to restore the look and function of your teeth. Dr. Offenback uses a High Definition Camera to capture the dimensions of your tooth instead of the traditional gooey impression material.  This allows Dr. O. to visualize the shape and size of the tooth efficiently and accurately.  Finally, CEREC technology  creates an individualized CAD model of the tooth, then the tooth crown is made. CEREC restorations are milled from a single block of high-quality lithium disilicate reinforced ceramic, a substance that is extremely durable and wonderfully tolerated by your body. In addition, the beautiful, translucent ceramic mimics your natural tooth enamel in appearance and texture.

Benefits of One-Visit CEREC Crowns over Traditional Crowns

There are multiple benefits to choosing CEREC crowns, beginning with having the entire process completed quickly in a single office visit. More benefits include:

  • Many people are allergic to traditional metal or metal and ceramic dental crowns. With CEREC, you’ll avoid the experience of swollen, red and irritated gums. By removing crowns containing metal then replacing them with CEREC crowns, your gums and mouth can be in the healthiest state possible.
  • CEREC “same day crowns” offer the same long-term durability of conventional crowns and with the added benefit of a natural look rather than of metal.
  • The CEREC crown will match your tooth better than lab created crowns and it offers more than 17 tooth shades to choose from. It is also completely non-invasive to your natural tooth surface.
  • With traditional crowns, you will wait for the actual crown to be fabricated after your initial office visit to go through messy impressions. Fabricating a traditional crown typically takes from a few days to several weeks and then you’ll have to come back in to complete the dental process. During that wait time, most patients wear an uncomfortable temporary crown for 2-3 weeks. Temporary crowns may not fit properly, and may chip or crack, or fall off, allowing bacteria to harm sensitive tissues.
  • The traditional crown method requires plaster casts to be sent to a lab where a technician who has never seen the patient designs the crown.  As noted, with the CEREC process the tooth is milled right in the office by Dr. Offenback.  Consequently there’s no waiting, wearing a temporary crown or having to make multiple visits for another appointment.
  • When you have a damaged tooth, you’re already in enough discomfort. Choose One-Visit CEREC Crowns and you will have fewer injections and less anesthetic. With CEREC you can have that custom-created, top quality crown placed in your mouth within 1 to 2 hours while you relax in the chair.
  • Your crown will feel natural. CEREC restorations are designed to look and feel like natural teeth. We will custom polish and shape your crowns so they align perfectly and feel comfortable in your mouth.

This innovative CEREC process keeps you from suffering any longer than you have to with a broken, chipped or damaged tooth. Your new crown is highly-resistant to damage and outlasts traditional crowns. One-Visit CEREC Crowns combine the best materials and advances of modern digital dentistry to benefit you and your health.

If you are interested in having a beautiful tooth restoration in just one visit, contact our Wekiva Dental Team at 407-869-7333 to schedule an appointment. We’re here to create the beautiful and healthy smile you deserve!