A child’s smile is precious. To protect it, be prepared. Before anything goes wrong, make it a point to know where you can find help. When you’re seeking an emergency pediatric dentist in Longwood, Apopka, and Altamonte, trust Wekiva Dental. We love healthy smiles and are always ready to care for dental needs of all shapes and sizes.

When Should I Seek a Professional Dentist?

Several scenarios could trigger a visit with a pediatric dentist urgent care:

  • Your child is dealing with the aftermath of an injury or trauma that damaged their tooth or jaw.
  • A child is showing signs of a dental infection.
  • A failed dental repair or reconstruction seems to be troubling your little one.
  • A toothache is causing your child severe pain.

Is It a Dental Emergency?

How do you decide if it’s a pediatric dental emergency or something that can wait? If you’re concerned, reach out. After all, a delay in treatment can lead to tooth loss. Or, it could allow the situation to worsen so that more extensive treatment is needed.

After age 7, many children already have some adult teeth, and any harm to these teeth has lifelong implications. However, on the flip side, baby teeth also matter. They are designed to fall out. However, they act as placeholders and guides for permanent teeth, so losing them too soon is problematic.

What Should I Do During a Pediatric Dental Emergency?

With any pediatric dental emergency, remaining calm is a priority. Assess the situation, gather the facts, and decide if you need to contact a trusted kids emergency dentist. While your dentist’s teams will offer specific guidance, there are general steps that parents can take during common pediatric dental emergencies:

  • Knocked-out tooth: Quick action may save the tooth. If possible, retrieve the tooth by touching only the chewing surfaces. Do not touch the root. Place the tooth in milk. Contact your urgent pediatric dentist and request immediate care.
  • Fractured or chipped tooth: When a tooth is fractured, chipped, or broken, seeing the dentist as soon as possible is vital. The dentist will not only determine the best repair but also determine the best strategy to ward off infection and prevent additional damage. While you’re waiting for the emergency dental appointment, treat swelling with cold packs. If needed, use acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain management.
  • Loose tooth: It’s normal for baby teeth to loosen and fall out. However, if an accident or trauma damages a baby tooth or adult tooth, it may loosen in its socket. In this situation, having a pediatric dentist check is smart. If a loose tooth has moved out of its normal position, don’t try to shift it back. Do let the dentist know when you contact them.
  • Toothache: See if anything is caught in the teeth. Offer a cold compress for pain relief. Over-the-counter pain relievers may also be used. Toothaches can have many causes, so reach out for help immediately.

At Wekiva Dental, we understand that a crisis doesn’t wait for a convenient time. Count on us when your family needs an emergency pediatric dentist in Longwood, Apopka, and Altamonte. Whether it’s an urgent matter or a regular checkup, we’re happy to offer the quality dental care that you deserve. To learn more, contact Wekiva Dental today.