Reduced my Anxiety Level From the First Visit

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your wonderful office staff at Wekiva Dental. My past dental experiences have been painful and frightening and I had a deep-seated fear of “the Dentist”. Since my husband’s experience with you was so positive, I set up a consultation with you. I’m so glad I did. You are a sensitive and genuinely caring person who reduced my anxiety level from the first visit.

You recommended denture implants and explained very carefully all of my options. The results were spectacular! I would highly recommend to anyone, to sit down and consult with you so they can go out in the world and “smile” again!

My new teeth look very natural and the post/implant system is amazing. I never have to worry about my teeth shifting or “falling out”! They stay in place with no problem what-so-ever; no gooey dental creams, powders or pastes and they are very comfortable. I would recommend implant retained overdentures to anyone contemplating dentures. The process went so smoothly, I was amazed.

If anyone needed the services of a Dentist, there are no others I would recommend more highly than you. Your team at Wekiva Dental is incredible. Thank you for my continuing care and my beautiful smile. I am truly grateful to you all for making this experience, although frightening at first, a good decision in the end.

Alice M.

Not all Dentists are Created Equal

I was so discouraged with Dentists, that it had been years since I went for a check up.  The last time I went to a dentist, he made me cry because I was apprehensive about a Novocaine needle going in my mouth.  However, Dr. O. and his staff were so gentle with me every step of the way.  They explained everything that they were doing and were always fun and easy going.  Even if I would flinch sometimes.  Thank you Dr. O, Anita and the rest of the office.

Michelle D., NOT afraid of the dentist anymore.

I am a patient of Dr. Offenback and I am extremely happy with the care I have had at Wekiva Dental. My entire family is seen by him. I highly recommend him. The courtesy and quick attention my family has received by the office staff has been wonderful through out the years. If you are looking for a new dentist,please check Wekiva Dental first. His office is not like an assembly line, you feel relaxed and that is so needed.

Cheryl K.

I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Mark Offenback as my dentist for the past five years and have been amazed at the superb customer service his office provides.  Wekiva Dental is the ideal place for busy executives and professionals who are seeking the best there is to offer.

Philip A Smith, MD, President

MedMorph, LLC

I am Thrilled!

I am thrilled with the sleep device that I recently started using.  My husband said to me, “you are not the same Dottie.”  I have more energy and get up earlier than when I was using the CPAP machine.  When using the CPAP machine I would wake up every time I turned over at night to move the long hose around my head.  Now with my mouth sleep device I sleep through the night.  Like I said, I’m thrilled with it!

Dottie C..

Caring, Professional & Affordable

Wow, What an Incredible Dental Practice! I have found the dental practice I will stay with FOREVER!

Dennis G.