Dr. O wants everyone to know that a crown isn’t just for royalty. If you have a badly damaged tooth, a dental crown can be the perfect solution. This restorative dental procedure is a cap that covers the entire surface of the tooth. It restores strength, shape, and function. Some crowns can even revive the natural appearance of your tooth. If your dentist suggests a crown might be necessary, ask if an Emax dental crown is a possibility. Exploring the benefits of Emax crowns reveals why they’re such a popular choice.

Advantages of Emax Crowns

Providing Strength

Restoring a natural chewing motion is one of the major functions of a crown. In the past, existing crowns have chipped or cracked just with regular chewing. Therefore, the strength of the material used for a crown is important. An E-max crown is crafted from lithium disilicate ceramic, which resists cracking. In fact, its increased flexural strength makes it three times stronger than other ceramic crowns. The result is an all-ceramic crown that’s both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Matching Your Smile

Metal crowns are durable, but you can tell at a glance that they aren’t natural teeth. Ceramic dental crowns that use a mix of metal and ceramic materials do a better job of blending in, but they have a metal band near the gum that gives the game away. Emax crowns are all ceramic, so there’s no metal band. These crowns have a lovely translucent quality that mimics the look of natural enamel. They can also be tinted to match your natural teeth perfectly. That means an Emax crown can blend into your smile seamlessly.

Conserving Natural Teeth

While a crown may be used to restore a damaged tooth, you’ll still want to conserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. Because Emax resists cracking, it can be milled into slim, precise layers. Since the Emax crown can be thin, your dentist doesn’t need to remove much of your existing tooth to make room for it. That allows them to save as much of your natural tooth as they can.

Preventing Allergic Reactions

Dental allergies and sensitivities can be a nightmare. There are select materials used in dentistry that some patients are allergic. The problem is the patient is not aware of the allergy until after the dental procedure. Fortunately, allergic reactions aren’t a concern with Emax. This material is biocompatible. The expert testing reveals that there should be no risk of adverse allergic reactions to the material.

Other EMax Crowns Options

It’s nice to know there are many types of Emax crowns to choose from.

  • The standard Emax features two layers. The inner layer is a durable support layer called coping. It’s topped with a cosmetic upper layer that’s specifically crafted to match the patient’s surrounding teeth.
  • Emax Monolithic is an alternative for patients who needed increased durability. This product features only the coping layer. Patients still get a natural look, but they reduce the risk of chips. It’s a handy choice for people who grind their teeth.

If you need to replace a crown, Emax is a great option. The benefits of Emax crowns are easy to appreciate. If you’re interested in learning more about these restorations or need to schedule your next appointment, don’t wait. Reach out to Wekiva Dental today. With a full menu of general and cosmetic dentistry services, our team is ready to assist you with all your oral health care needs. Our goal is to always help patients maintain healthy smiles.