Brushing your teeth at home is an important part of a good dental hygiene routine. However, no matter how sparkling a job you do, your efforts can’t take the place of professional dental cleaning. A routine checkup and cleaning generally take less than an hour and can provide significant benefits. It’s an opportunity to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and spot any existing problems while they’re small. It can also improve the appearance and health of your smile by removing stubborn buildup from the surfaces of your teeth. What should you expect when you visit the dentist for routine teeth cleaning?

A Routine Dental Cleaning Includes;

Initial Inspection

After you settle in the chair for your dental check-up and cleaning, the dental hygienist will ask you if you’re having any problems. This is a great time to ask questions or raise concerns. Then, it’s time for a visual inspection. They’ll use a small mirror to peer inside your mouth. They’re assessing the health of your teeth and gums by looking for danger signs like inflamed gums or cavities.

Dental X-rays

Wekiva Dental uses the latest in digital dental imaging as another tool to inspect your teeth.  Digital x-rays reduce your radiation by 75% making them both quick and safe. They allow your dental team to keep a watchful eye on what’s happening under the surface in your mouth. They can alert your dentist to a variety of issues, including bone loss, gum disease, tooth decay, tooth movement, and tumors and cysts.

Removing Plaque and Tartar

When a film of bacteria builds up in your mouth, it’s called plaque. When plaque hardens, it turns into tartar. These substances can set the stage for bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease and other issues, so it’s vital that they are removed. Fortunately, regular tooth brushing can remove plaque. Unfortunately, any plaque that you miss will turn into tartar, and tooth brushing is no match for tartar. Only a dental hygienist can remove tartar. That’s what happens during this phase of cleaning. The hygienist uses a tool called a scaler to scrape away any plaque or tartar that is lingering on your teeth. They’ll pay attention to the gum line and hard-to-reach spaces like the areas between teeth.

Polishing, Flossing and Fluoride

With plaque and tartar gone, it’s time to remove stains, polish your smile and put the finishing touches on your cleaning. This starts with a powerful electric toothbrush and a gritty toothpaste. Don’t worry. You’ll get a chance to rinse away the residue. Next, the hygienist will floss your teeth. Finally, they may apply a fluoride treatment to deter cavities. However, not everyone needs additional fluoride, so dentists don’t always suggest these treatments.

Final Inspection

With your mouth clean and fresh, the hygienist should call the dentist over for a final inspection. It’s a good opportunity to discuss any concerns that you have and make sure that you’re on track with your dental care routine.

At Wekiva Dental, we understand that a beautiful, healthy smile makes all the difference in the world. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping our patients maintain a healthy smile. If you live or work in the Longwood or Altamonte area and it’s time for your dental cleaning, contact us at 407-869-7333 to schedule an appointment.